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Tyler Herro Rocking A Shirt With His Mean Mug

Tyler Herro Rocking A Shirt With His Mean Mug

Tyler Herro had a terrific rookie season in the NBA, reaching the NBA Finals with a surprising Miami Heat team. He was great for the franchise before and during the bubble, giving fans a lot of good moments with his performances in the bubble. The rookie sensation wasn't afraid of anybody and showed that every day he stepped on the court.

One of his best moments in Orlando, though, took place in the Finals, against the Los Angeles Lakers. Behind Jimmy Butler, Herro was the second-best scorers on the team. Tyler really got to work despite being 20 years old and demonstrated he's ready to be great in the league. He was recently spotted using a tee with his now-iconic mean mug. During Game 3 of the Finals, Herro hit the dagger on the Lakers to put the series 2-1 and he let everybody know he was a bad man.

herro tee

That image went viral and the player is taking advantage of that, proudly using a shirt with the image. He'll probably want to have a picture of him lifting the NBA trophy instead of that one, but the future is bright for him and he can fulfill that dream if he keeps developing his game. Tyler scored 16.0 points in 21 playoff games with the Heat, becoming one of the biggest figures in the NBA bubble.