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Tyrese Maxey Reacted Brilliantly To Isiah Thomas Joking About Not Shaking His Hand After The Rising Stars Game: "This Ain't 1988."

Tyrese Maxey Reacted Brilliantly To Isaiah Thomas Joking About Not Shaking His Hand After The Rising Stars Game: "This Ain't 1988."

Tyrese Maxey is one of the NBA's most promising stars, having taken the next step in his sophomore season in the league. Now a key contributor for the Philadelphia 76ers, Maxey has doubled his point average from his rookie season, which has led to him being recognized as a potential star in the making across the league. Participating in the Rising Stars game during All-Star Weekend on Friday night, Maxey looked like he knows he's arrived and is comfortable among the other young talents in the league. 

The Rising Stars game had a new format this season with NBA legends like James Worthy, Isiah Thomas, Gary Payton and Anthony Barry each picking a team of 7 from among the best rookies and sophomores in the league. Maxey was on Team Worthy, who played an exciting and close game against Team Thomas, which ended in Isiah's team taking the win narrowly. 

After the two teams were done playing and were shaking hands with one another, Maxey enjoyed a hilarious moment with Isiah Thomas who was coaching the other team. Isiah joked that he wouldn't shake Tyrese's hand after the game to which the young buck quickly replied by reminding him that it wasn't 1988 anymore. 

Isiah Thomas: "I ain't shaking no hands."

Tyrese Maxey: "This ain't 1988."

This is, of course, a reference to 1988 when the Boston Celtics walked off the court after losing a playoff series against the Pistons and Thomas without shaking their hands. Thomas and his team would remember that moment, going on to treat Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls in the same way after losing to them in 1991, causing major controversy. 

There was no ensuing bad blood during this exchange between Maxey and Thomas though, the two hugged after Tyrese's little joke and then went on to congratulate other members of the two teams. While Team Isiah beat Team Worthy, they would ultimately go on and lose the Rising Stars challenge against Team Barry.