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Tyronn Lue On The Biggest Similarities Between LeBron James And Michael Jordan: "They’re The Same. They Both Wanted To Win And Would Do Anything It Took To Win."

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have been compared non-stop, as they are considered the two greatest NBA players in history. Regardless of the position, the GOAT debate always comes down to these two. Everybody has tried to explain who is better between them but there's no general consensus about the NBA GOAT.

The best thing we can do is appreciate them for what they are and what they meant to the league and the game of basketball. They were very similar, that's undeniable, and even though their styles of play were very different, their mindset was the same. According to Tyronn Lue, who played with MJ and coached LeBron in Cleveland, they are the same person when it comes to winning.

“[They’re] the same,” Lue said. “They both wanted to win and would do anything it took to win. I thought they did a great job, both of those guys did a great job just to galvanize the team and bringing everyone together, making everyone feel a part of it.”

The Los Angeles Clippers coach knows these two very well and his opinion matters a lot. They did everything they could to win and they reached their goals. LeBron is now a 4x NBA champion while Jordan retired from the game with six championships under his belt.

Although Jordan still holds a big advantage over Bron in terms of accolades, they're perceived as the two greatest ballers of all time. They had similar seasons at 35, enchanting everybody with their level at an age when most players are reaching the end of their career.

The GOAT debate will always come down to these two; perhaps other players like Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could be thrown in the mix but MJ and the King will be part of it always. They have had terrific careers and their legacy is huge. They only cared about winning and that is what made them so great.