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Tyson Chandler Tells Us The Real Reason He Signed With The Lakers


When it comes down to choosing between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers (putting any allegiances aside), most people would pick the defending Champs, and for good reason. Playing with them is fun, it's rewarding, it's unique. The Warriors play ball the right while their management continually makes the right decisions to only make the experience even more enriching.

The Lakers, meanwhile, despite having LeBron, are in a bit of a weird phase right now. They can't decide if they want to wait for their young stars to blossom, or if they're better off trading them all for a star. They're still finding themselves, and still, have a lot to prove in the process.

You see, most players, when considering where to sign, would choose Golden State over the Lakers in a heartbeat.

Then comes Tyson Chandler, who made the decision to sign with the Lakeshow while the Warriors were an option. It sounds taboo at first, but it'll make sense when you listen to the logic behind it.

“I just love the style of play that they play with," Chandler told Sam Amick of The Athletic, "and so I heavily considered that and I asked them if they would like me there, and they said ‘Yeah.’ They also were completely honest, and said (how) DeMarcus is coming off injury and we don’t know what that playing time is going to be like once he gets back. And so for me, it became (a question of), ‘Where would I make the most impact?’ Do I want to go there and — back-to-back champs — just a well-oiled machine, be one of the guys, maybe be that vet on the bench after DeMarcus comes back?”

Aside from receiving a more significant role, Chandler admitted that the idea of playing with LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, and some of their young players helped convince him to sign with the Lakers.

Now, it seems he made the right choice. There's no doubt that once Cousins returned, Tyson would have taken a back seat en-route to the postseason. With L.A., while their chances are not quite as high, Chandler can make a real impact.

And so far, he has. Especially on the defensive end, where his energy and rim protection have been priceless to the team.