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Udonis Haslem On The Time A Fan Randomly Cursed Out LeBron James: "Then I Understood What He Goes Through..."

LeBron James

When you've played in the NBA for 18 seasons, you're bound to have plenty of stories to tell. For Heat veteran Udonis Haslem, that certainly holds true.

In a chat with GQ, he told a number of stories of his adventures in the NBA, including the time he got thrown like a rag doll by Shaq, and the time he and his teammates got tipsy at a bar in Toronto.

But he also had to play "bodyguard" for his team, and those moments weren't always pretty. In the same chat with GQ, the NBA veteran told about the time a random guy cursed out LeBron at a restaurant for no apparent reason at all.

We were all walking from grabbing something to eat one day, and some dude shouted, “Hey LeBron,” and Bron looked over, and soon as he did the dude said “fuck you!” to Bron. Dude said that to Bron outta nowhere! So, now I’m walking. And in my mind, I’m saying to myself, “I’ll never let that happen again here.” And then I understood what he goes through because if someone randomly does that to me going down the street I don’t know what’ll happen. If this the shit he gotta deal with, I’ma have his back. I said, “Fuck you!” back to the dude. Bron ain’t say nothing.

This is the reality LeBron James faces every day. And while the guy has so much going for him, the number of people who hate and criticize him is truly unprecedented and it's hard to imagine how he deals with it.

Every day, he goes and performs his duties on the court while making sure to be a model citizen off of it.

To not crack after all the years of unwarranted hatred really speaks volumes to the maturity and strength James has carried with him for his entire career.