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Udonis Haslem Reveals Incident With Fan Heckling LeBron James: "I Said, ‘F— You!’ Back To The Dude."

Udonis Haslem Reveals Incident With Fan Heckling LeBron James: "I Said, ‘F— You!’ Back To The Dude."

Udonis Haslem and LeBron James created a good relationship in Miami. During James' four-year tenure in South Beach, he made good friends, including the veteran power forward, who made sure Bron didn't live bad moments when they were together. 

Ever since he left the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010, LeBron earned a lot of hate for creating a Big 3 in Miami. Fans weren't happy with that decision and always tried to insult the player. Sadly, some bad things happened to The King, but he had people that always had his back, including his former teammate.

Recently, Haslem talked with GQ, recalling that he witnessed how some people would easily cuss at LeBron in public. Of course, he didn't like any of that and vowed never to let that happen again. After that, they created a bond that lasts until today. 

“We were all walking from grabbing something to eat one day, and some dude shouted, ‘Hey LeBron,’ and Bron looked over, and soon as he did the dude said ‘f— you!’ to Bron,” said the Heat vet. “Dude said that to Bron outta nowhere! So, now I’m walking. And in my mind, I’m saying to myself, ‘I’ll never let that happen again here.’ And then I understood what he goes through because if someone randomly does that to me going down the street I don’t know what’ll happen. If this the s— he gotta deal with, I’ma have his back. I said, ‘F— you!’ back to the dude. Bron ain’t say nothing.”

This is why Haslem is regarded as the most respected player in the league right now. He's a terrific leader and one of those teammates willing to do anything for the rest of the team. LeBron learned that that day and things only went better for them after that situation. 

James would win two championships in Miami in four trips to the Finals. Haslem credited himself as a vital piece of those conquers, and even though fans would disagree with him, his impact on that team is undeniable, even if the stat sheets don't show it.