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Udonis Haslem Says It 'Hurts His Heart' That Dwyane Wade Is Not Part Of The Miami Heat’s Ownership Group

Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem

Last spring, basketball legend Dwyane Wade shocked the world when he became an owner of the Utah Jazz.

As a legendary and beloved member of the Heat, everyone assumed his future would stay in Miami. Instead, he headed East and broke a lot of hearts in the process.

According to Udonis Haslem, it still stings not having Wade as part of the club's ownership circle.

(via The Miami Herald)

Asked by Jim Berry if it hurts his heart that Dwyane Wade is not part of the Heat’s ownership group, Haslem said: “Yeah, it was hurtful.”

Berry: “Do you think the Heat regretted some of the blowback from D-Wade not being part of the ownership group and that maybe will help open the door for you?”

Haslem: “I don’t know that part. We still have our opportunity here. We still have our opportunity to continue to keep our bond together for the rest of my life and this organization and continue to try to build championships and move forward.”

It should be noted that the Heat said it spoke to Wade about an ownership piece. But he opted instead to join the Utah Jazz’s ownership group after developing a friendship with Jazz owner Ryan Smith.

The culture in Miami has always been revered. People in the organization (both players and executives) have acted like a family that values hard work, dedication, and winning above all else.

This culture has helped bring great success to the franchise, and Wade was very much a part of that.

While his ties and bond to the team will never be broken, there is a sense among some that he missed out on a major opportunity by buying a stake in the Jazz.

Whatever the case, Wade seems happy enough where he is -- and that's really all that matters. Perhaps, one day, the 4x Champion will help that organization develop the same culture and identity as his former team.

Until then, folks will continue to wonder how things could have been under different circumstances...