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UFC Star Colby Covington Calls Out LeBron James: "He Stays Silent On Everything In China Because He’s A Chinese Puppet Master.”

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LeBron James is known around the sports business for being one of the greatest athletes of all time. But outside of the court, he's always been a bit of a polarizing figure.

James has been a lifelong advocate for minorities and even opened his own school to try and help unprivileged kids from his community.

But, given his stance on former President Donald Trump, he's become a sworn enemy for a lot of people. That includes UFC star Colby Covington, who's taken multiple shots at him in the past.

And, even though James hasn't even addressed the situation, the bonafide Trump supporter didn't waste the opportunity to take a swipe of LeBron once again, calling him out for his silence on the Hong Kong controversy with the NBA:

“Just a big hypocrite,” Covington recently said in an interview. “He talks about his two biggest things he loves to talk about equality and justice. Where’s the equality of employing women in Chinese sweatshops to make your merchandise for millions of dollars while they’re making pennies? Where’s the equality in that?"

“Where’s the justice in critiquing the greatest country on God’s green Earth America but not talking about Hong Kong, not talking about the Uyghurs in China? He stays silent on everything in China because he’s a Chinese puppet master," the UFC star added.

Covington isn't the first person to point out this. It's not a secret that LeBron's main income comes from his endorsement deal with Nike, thus making it tough for him to address that situation given the fact that Nike's plants are mostly on Chinese soil.

LeBron has committed a lot of money to multiple initiatives and is constantly giving back to the community, but the fact that he didn't address that situation made plenty of people - like Covington - feel like he's a bit of a hypocrite.