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Under Armour loses $600 million in value because of Stephen Curry basketball shoes


It's all about business, and we know that Steph signed a very lucrative deal with the Under Armour, but... they had some problems with shoes.

The company lost nearly $600 million in value on Friday due largely to the slow sales of Curry’s shoes.


Under Armour lost nearly $600 million of its value as a company Friday, as its stock plummeted by more than 4 percent after the CEO of a major footwear retailer said the latest version of its Steph Curry shoe wasn’t doing as well as expected.

Foot Locker CEO Dick Johnson said the Curry 3 “started off a bit slower than the previous models,” causing a sell-off in the stock market.

While Curry’s products make up only about 5 percent ($200 million) of Under Armour’s total annual business, he is the company’s most prominent endorser.

That’s a lot of money.

Curry’s recent shoes have been the bud of many jokes. But Under Armour maintains it is not giving up on the latest model.

“We’re optimistic that they [Under Armour] are going to be able to continue to keep that [footwear business] with some momentum behind it and certainly expand their footwear offerings,” Johnson said.

Many fans said that shoes are so ugly and the price is too high - 140$.

Maybe they need better designers for the next shoes of Stephen Curry.


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