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Update: Carmelo Anthony's Jersey Retirement Ceremony May Be A Thing Of Fantasy


Carmelo Anthony didn't leave on the greatest terms with the Knicks.

In fact, when it was all said and done, both sides were probably happy to be rid of each other.

Still, despite all the drama surrounding his departure, Anthony's time in The Big Apple is not something to take lightly. During his tenure there, he literally bolted the franchise into contention, while cementing a legacy as one of the best scorers of All-Time.

So when Walt Frazier told the world via SiriusXM NBA Radio, that the Knicks would "probably not" be retiring his jersey, it sent some shockwaves throughout the league.

“Probably not because he didn’t win a title,” Frazier said. “I’m surprised they didn’t put Allan Houston up there. I’m surprised Bernard King, who is in the Hall of Fame, they haven’t put Bernard up there. So those two guys I think are deserving. Perhaps maybe John Starks. Even the Oak Man, Charles Oakley, but that probably won’t happen with all the stuff he’s done at the Garden. So he’s not held in high esteem right now but I don’t see them putting Melo in there because of that.”

In New York Championships is what matters.

And because Melo failed to deliver one for the Knicks (as many famous Knickerbockers have done before him), he'll have to live with not seeing his jersey hang above the rafters.