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Utah Jazz Could Have The Hardest Road To The NBA Championship: 'Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Nets Superteam'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Utah Jazz finished the 2020/21 NBA regular season with the league-best record (52-20), led by Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. 

This team has created something great this campaign, and now it's time for them to confirm they have what it takes to win it all. Their dynamic duo has been subject to criticism more than once, but the Jazz are confident they can make more noise than people think. 

To say they will win the NBA championship this campaign is a reach. But, if they keep doing things the same way they did during the regular season, Quin Snyder and his pupils might be onto something. 

Yet, the journey won't be easy for them. Even after clinching the first spot in the West, the Jazz will have to go through fire to play in the Finals. One Redditor called "karlanthonythrowns" found out that the Jazz could have a really impressive playoffs run if they win the title this year. 

The 2021 Utah Jazz can arguably have the most epic run to a championship by beating Steph, Kawhi, LeBron and KD all in one postseason.

If things go their way, the Jazz could beat the four horsemen of the 2010's NBA. Here are the accolades of each from 2010 to 2019:

LeBron James -- 3 MVPs, 3 championships, 3 Finals MVPs, 8 Finals appearances

Kevin Durant -- 1 MVP, 2 championships, 2 Finals MVPs, 4 Finals appearances

Stephen Curry -- 2 MVPs, 3 championships, 0 Finals MVP, 5 Finals appearances

Kawhi Leonard -- 0 MVP, 2 championships, 2 Finals MVPs, 3 Finals appearances

The NBA Finals from 2012 through 2019 have revolved around these four with at least two of them facing each other in the championship series.

The (1) Jazz can have this path on their way to a title:

First Round -- vs. Steph and the (8) Warriors

WCSF -- vs. Kawhi and the (4) Clippers

WCF -- vs. LeBron and the (7) Lakers

Finals -- vs. KD and the (2) Nets

The last time we saw something similar to this happened in 2011. The Dallas Mavericks had to beat big rivals, including the current champions, to make it to the Finals. In the West, they had to go through Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. After that, the Miami Heat of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were waiting for them. 

An inspired Dirk Nowitzki took them to the promised land, recording one of the best single playoffs runs of all time. 

Now, Mitchell and Gobert will have the chance to do the same. The difference is that they'll do it as the 1st seed in the West. The competition is going to be a lot harder this season and if they manage to get through all of this, their duo will get all the respect that people haven't given them so far.