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Vanessa Bryant Changes Instagram Profile Picture To Kobe And Gianna

Vanessa Bryant Changes Instagram Profile Picture To Kobe And Gianna

It's hard to imagine the pain Vanessa Bryant is going through right now after she lost her husband, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, and daughter, 13-year-old Gianna Bryant. The NBA world sent its condolences, thoughts, and prayers to Vanessa following the tragic accident that killed Kobe and Gigi.

She hasn’t made any public statement after the tragedy, as she and her three other daughters mourn the loss of a husband and a father. However, Vanessa did change her Instagram profile photo to honor her husband and daughter with a lovely picture of the pair.

Via ABC 10 in San Diego:

In the photo, the NBA legend is seen holding his daughter in a loving embrace. The image is reportedly from a 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto, the last of Kobe’s 18 All-Star appearances.

Kobe and Vanessa were one of the most famous couples in the NBA. Having been married since 2001, they had four daughters, with Gianna being the second of them.

This situation won’t stop being painful for a long time. Meanwhile, everybody is trying to honor Kobe and his daughter the best way they can find.

Former Lakers center and Kobe Bryant teammate Shaquille O’Neal said on Wednesday morning he would be donating all the proceeds of an upcoming show in Miami to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation.

It will take a lot for everybody to process this tragedy. Of course, Vanessa and her daughters need all the time in the world to process their grief.