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Vanessa Bryant's Touching Christmas Message Has NBA Fans Very Emotional

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Christmas is one of the best times of the year. Among other things, it's a day for families and friends to come together, celebrate each other, and give back to others.

But the usually joyous occasion can come with sadness for families who are without their loved ones.

On Instagram, Vanessa Bryant reminded the world of that fact when she posted a Christmas picture on Instagram.

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Of course, it's a sad reminder of the passing of Kobe and Gianna, but their legacy will live on forever.

Kobe was a basketball icon for many reasons. His amazing skills, his relentless drive, and his passionate play all play a significant role in how he is remembered today.

"Kobe was on a different level, he never took shortcuts when it came to basketball," said Vanessa during Kobe's Hall of Fame induction. "He gave this game his all. Kobe played through injury after injury. To name a few, he had IVs administered during halftimes to play through food poisoning and the flu. He played with a broken nose. He had a broken finger, and had it snapped back in place just enough to finish the game."

Today, many stories continue to get told by those who were fortunate enough to know Kobe and it's through those stories (and his family) that future generations will get to know him.

"Of course you don’t go out there to break someone’s nose. I ended up hitting him in the wrong spot and broke his nose. I felt so bad. We were going to L.A. a couple days after that. I called him and was like: “I’m a competitor and I don’t back down from no one, but I didn’t mean to break your nose. I apologize.”

As Kobe Bryant would do, he was like: “I love it. Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you in a couple days.” The conversation was very short," said Dwyane Wade on the time he broke Kobe's nose.

 This Christmas, remember to love and cherish those you love because you never know when your last moments are with them.

As for the Bryant family, they seem to be getting by and pushing through with smiles on their faces for Christmas Day.

A truly beautiful group that continues to touch the hearts of fans around the world.