Vernon Maxwell On Defending Michael Jordan: "I'm Just Being 1000, Man, He Is A Killer Out There Man..."

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(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

2x NBA Champion Vernon Maxwell was a crucial member of the Houston Rockets through the early 1990s, serving as mostly a defensive stopper for his team against their most dominant opponents.

Naturally, that role often had him pitted up against Michael Jeffrey Jordan, a guy whose talent was only surpassed by his own ruthless nature.

Speaking in a chat on "The Ringer NBA Show," Maxwell spoke a bit about what it was like guarding Jordan, and the certain characteristic he had of bringing out the fear in his opponents.

"When he elbow you in your sh*t if you don't do nothing if you don't elbow that motherf****r back in his sh*t you know he gonna oh he know he got a b***h out here tonight. So you know I'm just being 1000 man he is a killer out there man."

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We've heard plenty of stories of MJ's "killer" mentality, and it seems Maxwell is here to tell us all that it's legit.

Playing against Jordan was always an experience and, according to Maxwell, there was just a certain aroma in the air when it was time to face off against him.

Clearly, MJ was a polarizing figure during his prime, and everybody knew what he was all about.