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Video: A 16-Year-Old Devin Booker Playing 1-On-1 Against Andre Iguodala

Video: 16-Year Old Devin Booker Playing 1-On-1 Against Andre Iguodala

Devin Booker was one of the strongest candidates to win the bubble MVP before Damian Lillard was announced as the winner on Saturday. The young gun showed he can lead his team and was very close to earning them the play-in game. They went undefeated in the bubble but their record before the shutdown is what finally eliminated them from contention.

Still, Booker demonstrated he's ready to lead his team and next season will be very exciting for him. He's been getting better and better over the years, always showing his scoring skill; now, he's one of the best scorers in the league, but Booker was meant to be great even before making it to the association. Back in 2013, the guard was caught on video playing 1-on-1 against Andre Iguodala.

Iggy didn't put much pressure on Booker, but the then 16-year-old player was feeling himself against the now 3x NBA champion. Book was attacking the rim, shooting from beyond the arc, and making mid-range shoots against Iguodala, who also made some good plays against the teenager.

Now Iggy is a veteran with three championships, reaching the end of his career while Booker is getting started. He doesn't have the best team but he showed he can do the job in the bubble. If the Suns get him some help, this kid can take his level and his team to the next stage.