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Video: Coach Explains How Draymond Green Blew Up All The Raptors Initial Options For The Last Possession On Sunday Night

Credit: Bay Area News Group

Credit: Bay Area News Group

The Golden State Warriors won a hard-fought game on Sunday night against the Toronto Raptors in a new edition of the 2019 NBA Finals matchup. It was a very entertaining game with the Raptors threatening to come back from a big deficit against the Dubs, who dodged a bullet in the last play of the game.

Toronto couldn't finish the job and lost their 7th game of the season but Warriors' Draymond Green played a big role in their missed opportunity. Green has been one of the best defenders in the league and Sunday he showed his talents and basketball IQ during the Raptors' last drive to the basket. On Reddit, one coach explained how Draymond identified every move the Raptors were going to do before they did, which ultimately led to the Warriors' win.

He really ruined the Raptors' play and made them settle with Pascal Siakam, who was the "Plan B" of the team for that play. Draymond changed everything for the Raptors and his intelligence earned the victory for the Warriors. It was really good to see how things played out and how Green knew every move before it happened.

LeBron James' IQ is talked of a lot but Draymond is also pretty smart and can identify plays with extreme ease. In the end, the Warriors won 106-105 after Pascal Siakam missed the potential game-winner over Andrew Wiggins.