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Video: Draymond Green And Jae Crowder Talk Trash To Each Other After Warriors-Suns Game

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Draymond Green and Jae Crowder

During a game, there are times when players talk trash to one another. In fact, some players habitually trash talk their opponents, to try and gain an edge in any given matchup.

During the recent matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors, there was a fair amount of trash-talking between the two sides. It seems as though that spilled into the post-game, as there was a video that captured forwards Jae Crowder and Draymond Green talking trash to one another.

As long as things don't get physical, some trash-talking between players is fine as long as it is not extremely offensive. Draymond Green is well-known for his sharp trash talk, and he once called out Paul Pierce in what some describe as the "greatest rant in NBA history".

“Keep chasing that farewell tour! They don’t love you like that! You thought you was Kobe?!”

The Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors are widely viewed as contending teams, and there is a chance that they will end up facing one another in the playoffs. While the Golden State Warriors were missing superstar point guard Stephen Curry, this is the type of intense game that will likely happen if the two franchises were to be in a series against each other.

For the Phoenix Suns, the goal is simply to get to the playoffs healthy. They have a solid squad that has been to the Finals before, and this year it is about getting back to that level and finishing the job. Based on the talent on the team, they are more than capable of doing so.

As for the Golden State Warriors, their contending chances will rely on Stephen Curry. They will need him back to make a deep playoff run, and hopefully, he is able to come back early in the postseason.