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Video: Draymond Green And Joel Embiid Go Back And Forth In Hilarious Trash-Talk Showdown

Video: Draymond Green And Joel Embiid Go Back And Forth In Hilarious Trash-Talk Showdown

During an appearance on Draymond Green's podcast, Sixers star Joel Embiid scoffed after being told he would be put "on lock."

He then proceeded to point out how Green needs a double-team every time they face off in a game

Eventually, it evolved into a full-scale showdown, with both players taking shots at the other in a heated (but friendly) exchange.

Green: “Hopefully we will meet y’all in the Finals, because as you know, like nobody else in this league, I’m lockin’ that sh*t up."

Embiid: "Whatever, that's why you need a double-team every time we play y'all."

Green: "That's crazy because I never ask for a double-team, that's not even in my makeup."

Embiid: "I've never asked for a double team in my life and I think I'm a pretty good defender.

Green: “When we put you in every pick-and-roll and they bring you up to blitz because you can’t get up the floor, that’s kind of like asking for a double-team."

Embiid: “That’s not why! You want me to play drop against Steph Curry?”

As two of the best trash talkers in the game, it should be no surprise to anyone that they found time to exchange some words during the pod. In fact, they have a deep history of public exchanges (like the time Green called out the Sixers star in a series of Tweets).

It makes for some highly entertaining and hilarious content for the fans, but make no mistake about it: both have a deep and profound respect for each other, as they have proven multiple times.

“He’s a great defender. There’s nothing I can take away from that. He’s a great one-on-one defender. He’s a good team defender. You know he’s very smart,” Embiid said, as quoted by ClutchPoints.

As for the Finals, a Warriors/76ers matchup is in play. With both teams sitting third in their Conferences, they are capable of making a run for the title and it's possible they end up meeting at the final stage of the competition.

In such a scenario, you can bet Draymond and Embiid will be playing with nothing held back.