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Video: Draymond Green Goes Into Ice Cream Shop During Championship Parade For A Quick Snack

Video: Draymond Green Goes Into Ice Cream Shop During Championship Parade For A Quick Snack

Draymond Green has been having the time of his life since the Golden State Warriors closed the Boston Celtics out in Game 46 of the NBA Finals. This was the fourth ring for him and the Warriors core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala, so the celebration at the parade was going to be generational.

Draymond has already eviscerated people with the mic on his podcast or in post-game interviews. However, Green decided to get the mic and do the same at the parade, leading the Warriors fans into a frenzy. The Warriors have proven themselves as the best and Green can show that off to everyone and do as he wants.

Another championship wasn't going to be the tipping point for Draymond, but it is just yet another mark of success for him. If he is free to do whatever he wants, he is going to have fun. That is exactly what he did, as Draymond took a break from the parade and went into a shop to get ice cream for himself.

The summer is weighing down on all of us. Draymond was definitely feeling the heat under the San Francisco sun during the outdoor parade, so needed something to help him cool down and rejoin the festivities.

Stepping into a shop in the middle of your championship parade to get yourself ice cream is not something I would have had on my bingo card, but if there is any player that can pull that off, it's Draymond Green. 

Draymond came under fire for his performances in the Finals, but his contribution to the team during this championship run was invaluable. His great Game 6 performance helped the Warriors kill the series and secure a championship. All bad performances are erased when the trophy is in your hands, and Dray will come into next season with fire to ensure they retain their title.