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Video: Dwight Howard Does Hilarious Shaq Impression

Dwight Howard: "I Would Like To Play For The Lakers, But I Don't Want To Play For Free Anymore."

Dwight Howard has always been known as a pretty funny dude. 

And even though he has changed a lot since being drafted in 2004, that same charm, charisma, and fun-loving personality is present today.

Most recently, Dwight went viral on Twitter for his hilarious impersonation of Shaquille O'Neal, a guy who he actually has a lot of history with.

Check out the video:

Back in his Orlando days, Dwight Howard was something like a Shaq 2.0. Playing the same position, with the same team, Magic fans gravitated to Howard much in the way they did for O'Neal many years before.

As he donned the nickname "Superman," Howard became a star in the NBA, eventually leading his team to the Finals in 2009.

After his unfortunate fall from grace, however, his public perception quickly plummeted, and a bit of a feud formed between D12 and O'Neal, who would constantly take shots at each other through the media.

Now that Dwight has returned to the Lakers (for the third time in his career) and is playing well, it seems he is once again living his best life.

Hopefully, he'll bring the same fire and passion he did to the court as he did during his title run in 2020.

For now, he'll continue to keep us entertained with his theatrics.