VIDEO: Emmanuel Mudiay Got Burned After Asking For Dwyane Wade's Jersey

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While Dwyane Wade's farewell tour is not nearly the level of Kobe's, the legendary guard is having quite a send-off as he wraps up his last NBA season. This year, he has made the tradition of doing a jersey swap with one member of the opposing team.

During Saturday night's match against the Knicks, young guard Emmanuel Mudiay hopefully asked Wade if he would continue the tradition with him, only to be rejected in front of everyone.

Must have been heart-breaking for Mudiay to get rejected by his childhood idol like that. To make matters worse, it is not entirely known who the jersey ended up going to that day, leading some to believe Wade left out the entire team.

In his final game at the Garden, Wade came off the bench for 16 points while Mudiay led New York with a team-high 24 points. As both teams finish off their season, they hope to position themselves for better times ahead. For the Heat, those times will not include Wade -- for the Knicks, it will not include Wade's jersey.