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Video Evidence May Show That LaMarcus Aldridge Tries To Injure Players

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Injuries are never a good thing, no matter the context behind it.

They're even worse when it is done on purpose. It's always a hard thing to prove, and we never know for sure, but usually, we can tell if a player means to injure another just by the way their body moves.

In the case of LaMarcus Aldridge, the evidence is damning.

As revealed by Reddit user u/EvenGandhiHatesLVG, he's shown on multiple occasions trying to slide underneath the legs of the shooter. This movement can lead to a myriad of different leg/ankle injuries. Here are some of the clips:

In this case, Brandon Ingram was actually hurt on this play. He tweaked his ankle and never came back into the game. We see that Aldridge tried to do the same to LeBron in the same game, right after Ingram was taken out.

There's also KD and Durant. Again, Aldridge tries to step underneath the feet of the shooter.

This is bad. Very bad. If it happens once, then okay. But for us to catch him doing this at least four times? How do you explain that?

Maybe he's doing it on purpose, maybe not. Either way, he's got to get out of that "bad habbit."