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Video: Ja Morant And Jordan Poole Dap Each Other Up After Controversial Injury In Game 3

Video: Ja Morant And Jordan Poole Dap Each Other Up After Controversial Injury In Game 3

Ever since Game 3 between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors ended, a lot of hate has been thrown both ways by players and fans of both franchises. It's been a rough series, with Gary Payton II being injured by Dillon Brooks setting the tone of physicality. 

Warriors young guard Jordan Poole was alleged to have injured Grizzlies star Ja Morant's knee on purpose, after a video went viral of Poole grabbing and pulling back on Morant's knee cap. Ja is sitting out of Game 4 to recover from the knee injury.  

There is a lot of hate coming from both sides, but the players are aware this is just a game. Despite the tweets by Morant against Poole for the move on his knee, the pair dapped each other up before the start of Game 4 in the Chase Center.

A dap doesn't mean that the two players have necessarily patched up the beef from this series. It is customary sportsmanship to shake hands with opponents prior to a game. Morant looked a little disinterested in the gesture by Poole, who went further by tapping Morant's chest as he walked by during the handshake.

Even without Morant, the Grizzlies have had a strong start to Game 4. They led the game at the end of the first quarter, with the Warriors yet to make even a single three-pointer in the game. With 5 minutes left in the second quarter, the Grizzlies still lead the Warriors by four points, with Tyus Jones stepping in for Morant and contributing at a high level.

Both teams are playing cautiously after all the tension in the series. Physical play isn't as bad as it was in the prior two games, but neither team is giving up. Hopefully, we get a great game and Morant can return for Memphis in time for Game 5 back at home.