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Video: Ja Morant Mocks Stephen Curry's Celebration From The Bench During Game 5

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Ja Morant is currently sidelined with a knee injury for the Memphis Grizzlies, and there's no doubt that it was a huge blow for them to lose their superstar. Ja Morant has been spectacular in the playoffs, averaging 27.1 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 9.8 APG.

Even though he wasn't in the game, that didn't stop Ja Morant from mocking Stephen Curry during the blowout. A video has recently shown Ja Morant making fun of Stephen Curry's celebration during the game. Ja Morant has never been a player that misses the opportunity for trash talk, and it's clear that this game was a good opportunity for him to have some fun with it.

Prior to this game, Stephen Curry had some trash talk for the Grizzlies himself, claiming that the team's gameplan going into Game 5 was to "Whoop that Trick", which was obviously referring to the Memphis Grizzlies using the song as an anthem of sorts. Things did not go as desired for Stephen Curry, and it is clear that the team as a whole will have to be much better to win in Game 6.

"Whoop that trick". That is our gameplan.

The Memphis Grizzlies are an elite defensive team even without Ja Morant, and they have shown that they will not roll over and simply let the Warriors get their wins. It is clear that this series is not over quite yet, but perhaps we'll see the Golden State Warriors have a dominant close-out game at home.

Even if the Memphis Grizzlies end up losing this series against the Golden State Warriors, there's no doubt that they have a bright future. The Ja Morant-Desmond Bane backcourt looks like it will be good for years to come, and they have other solid young players who are gifted athletically such as Brandon Clarke. The fact that they managed to win a game after Ja Morant went down with a knee injury speaks volumes about their roster, and we'll see if they are able to win a championship in the upcoming years.