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Video: Jayson Tatum And Bam Adebayo Were Partying Together At De'Aaron Fox's Wedding

Video: Jayson Tatum And Bam Adebayo Were Partying Together At De'Aaron Fox's Wedding

Jayson Tatum and Bam Adebayo have gone to battle in two of the last three Eastern Conference Finals, but the two remain on very good terms. Tatum and Adebayo have known each other since their AAU days and Adebayo once said that he still reminds Tatum of that incredible block in the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals.

It's all done in good spirits and the two of them, who were a part of the 2017 NBA Draft, were recently partying at the wedding of another member from that class, De'Aaron Fox. Bam and Tatum seemed to be the life of the party as they were living it up.

Adebayo was one of the groomsmen for the wedding as the NBA family came together once again to celebrate this special occasion for Fox.

It would have been a nice change from all the offseason drama for both of them, as their teams have been a part of the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. Tatum has had to deal with questions all offseason about the Celtics offering a trade package for Durant and he recently spoke about how he deals with the speculation.

Just as Tatum is a no-go for the Celtics in any trade package for KD, Bam is held in similarly high regard by the Heat, who have been unwilling to include him in any package to land Durant. Bam spoke about Miami's unwillingness to part with him and stated that it shows the belief they have in him to bring another championship to the city.

Both the Heat and the Celtics will be in contention for the title in the upcoming season, having each made the Finals once in the last three years and they'll need their two stars to continue to up their game if they are to finally get their hands on that trophy.