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Video: Jayson Tatum Ruthlessly Blocks Young Basketball Camper's Jump Shot And Posts Him Up To Score Afterwards

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In the NBA, there are a lot of players who end up holding basketball camps for young hoopers who want to develop their skills. There's no doubt that this aids the growth of the game, and perhaps one day, some of those campers will end up being fantastic college players or even make it to the league.

Jayson Tatum is a star that is currently hosting a basketball camp. While sometimes we see players go easy on the kids present at their camp, it seems as though Jayson Tatum is doing none of that. A recent video surfaced, which showed him ruthlessly blocking a young camper's shot at his camp, and then posting him up on the other end to score an easy layup.

It is good to see Jayson Tatum being involved in helping the youth improve as players, and hopefully, the campers end up learning a thing or two with his help. He is clearly one of the best players to learn from, as he has made multiple All-Star teams and has led the Celtics to the Finals already in his young career.

The Boston Celtics have notably been in the news recently due to reports suggesting they offered a Jaylen Brown-centered package for Kevin Durant. Jayson Tatum has recently reacted to the Celtics being linked with Kevin Durant. He pointed out that it's not his decision to make about acquiring Kevin Durant but added that he's a great player. There is no doubt that adding Kevin Durant could potentially improve their chances of winning the championship, but there are definitely some drawbacks as well.

Hopefully, we see the Boston Celtics get back to the NBA Finals next year, whether it is with Kevin Durant or otherwise. They already have one of the best duos in the NBA in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, and it is possible that those two will only get better.