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Video: Kid Was Shocked After Watching Ben Simmons Drill From Three

(via Liberty Ballers)

(via Liberty Ballers)

For all that Ben Simmons has accomplished over the course of his young NBA career, there has always been one glaring fault in his game: the guy can't shoot.

Despite being named an All-Star last season, the young star is severely limited on the offensive end. Not only can he not stretch the floor, but he hasn't even tried. Since he debuted in 2017, he has only attempted 17 three-pointers, coming up empty on every single one.

This offseason he made a commitment to improve and expand his game, but nobody was quite sure what the results would look like. So when one kid witnessed Simmons' new and improved jumper, he was about as shocked as you would expect.

He is heard screaming "OMG" after Simmons' drains a deep one during shootaround.

With Jimmy Butler and J.J. Redick gone, the Sixers got significantly weaker in the shooting department. They will need Simmons to step up now more than ever before. But if those few video seconds of shot0making is any indication of things to come, they should be just fine.