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Video: LaVar Ball Hilariously Misses An Easy Layup In A 1 On 1

LaVar Ball Misses An Easy Layup In A 1 On 1

Given that LaVar Ball’s promise of his son winning rookie of the year and taking the Lakers to the Playoffs didn’t come through, he thought he would make another one of his promises come true instead; the fact that he would beat Michael Jordan in his prime 1 on 1.

Except that promise doesn’t look like it would come true either.

In a quick game vs some random guy, LaVar showed us all why he only averaged 2.2 points a game in college and never made it to the NBA.

He missed an easy layup, but since LaVar Ball is the greatest of all time surely that means that layups are the hardest shots to hit right?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Maybe he’s just after the spotlight again given that the biggest sports star in America has just come to his son’s team and LaVar feels firmly in the King’s shadow.