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Video: LeBron And Luke Walton Appear To Get Into Disagreement On The Sidelines


Their win against the Trailblazers on Saturday night did not come without a bit of controversy for the Los Angeles Lakers.

With LeBron James on the team, pressures and expectations are higher than they've been for a long time, and certainly extend past anything Luke Walton has seen as a head coach before.

9 games in, with four losses on the record, and this latest video evidence of a heated discussion with LeBron James, those expectations may surpass what Walton can live up to at the moment.

In a leaked sideline video, Walton was seen talking with LeBron mid-game about some sort of gameplay strategy. While the two seemed composed, some real heat appears to be present, as they were in a clear disagreement about something.

This comes amid reports of Lakers President Magic Johnson chastising Walton for the teams' poor performance so far. Plus, there's a number of very quality coaches on the market who'd love an opportunity to coach LeBron on the biggest stage in sports.

So, with everything in play, it'd be more than safe to assume that Luke's job is very much in danger if the Lakers don't make a dramatic improvement.

This little chat with LeBron only adds more fuel to the fire.