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Video: LeBron James Once Was Beat In HORSE Competition At Venice Beach

Credit: Los Angeles Times

Credit: Los Angeles Times

As the 2019/20 NBA season continues in hiatus, the league is finding ways to keep fans entertained during the coronavirus crisis. The front office has been looking for alternatives while they decide if the league will resume action or not.

This Sunday, they will start a HORSE competition with some big names participating. Chris Paul, Trae Young and 2020 Hall of Fame inductee Tamika Catchings are set to take the challenge and beat their rivals.

There is a big name that won’t be part of the tournament, LeBron James, but he’s not a stranger in this type of contest. Back in 2008, Bron participated in a game of HORSE at Venice Beach against a former D-III player, losing the matchup. David Kalb, who played at D-III Capital University in Ohio, took on the King and defeated LeBron with a bunch of tricky shots.

James did his best, but he was unable to catch up with Kalb, who won the contest by a final result of 2-0.

Even though he won’t be participating, it’s always interesting to see what LeBron can do in these challenges. The NBA will have very talented players to show their talents in the game of HORSE. ESPN confirmed the tournament will start next Sunday, exactly one month after the season was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.