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Video: LeBron James Spotted Hanging Out With Draymond Green As He Poses For Pictures With Fans

Video: LeBron James Spotted Hanging Out With Draymond Green As He Poses For Pictures With Fans

In terms of unlikely friendships, LeBron James and Draymond Green are as unlikely as they come, considering where they were, not so long ago. The two were at odds with each other when the Warriors and Cavaliers clashed in the NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018, and tensions peaked between them when Draymond called LeBron a b***h during the 2016 Finals.

The two would reconcile at some point later on and their relationship has gotten so much better over time that one might even call it a bromance. LeBron congratulated Draymond after the Warriors were crowned champions and the two of them even celebrated the 4th of July together, where they sent a message to their doubters.

So it was perhaps to be expected that when James had to head to Toronto for the Caribbean Festival, Draymond tagged along with him. Green also ended up becoming an impromptu photographer when fans wanted pictures taken with the King.

LeBron was in Toronto to host Lavelle's DAYLIGHT party on Friday, which was presented by his Tequila brand Lobos 1707. It is another successful off-the-field venture for LeBron, with Forbes listing Lobos tequila in the top 5 in the world earlier this month. It's not surprising that with this kind of sound decision-making, he has become a billionaire already and LeBron's business empire continues to grow at a fast pace.

His friendship with Draymond seems to be growing at quite some pace too, with Green becoming a very vocal defender of James on social media. Recently, when LeBron was trolled by some fans over his Drew League appearance, Draymond was quick to defend him as he wanted the conversation to be about what that appearance would have meant for the people in attendance. 

He also brought it up during an interview with DeMar DeRozan as he spoke about what it would have been like for the kids to come in contact with DeRozan and James. Say what you want about the guy, but he clearly is someone who would go to battle for his friends, which is an admirable quality.