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Video: LeBron James' Youngest Son Is A Three-point Sharpshooter

Credit: Ball Is Life

Credit: Ball Is Life

Ever since he was a high-school kid, LeBron James drew most of the worldwide attention. He was a freak of nature, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of talent you couldn't find every day.

More often than not, sons of NBA players fail to live up to the expectations that come with their last name, and are nowhere near the hoopers their fathers were, or are just unable to deal with the pressure fans and media put on their shoulders.

However, that's not the case with LeBron's sons, as both Bronny and Bryce Maximus have been turning a lot of heads lately with their ability to ball out.

So, after Bronny James took over Sierra Canyon during their last outing, it was Bryce's time to shine now, and the youngest son of the James gang didn't disappoint with his sharp-shooting ability.

Ball is Life posted a video of Bryce Maximus taking shots from way downtown during his last game, and LeBron James himself confirmed his younger son is a cold-blooded assassin from three-point range.

James has never been known for his three-point shooting (34% per his career), so it's nice to see his pupils pick up the slack and work on their stroke from deep.

LeBron has admitted that his biggest dream is to share the court with - at least - one of his sons one day, and considering he's one of the most durable and healthy players ever, he could pull it off.

Notably, with both of them still being teenagers, It's still quite early to tell, but judging for what we've seen from both Bronny and Bryce, they're expected to carry on LeBron's legacy in the NBA once he retires.

So, hide your kids, hide your wife, the James' boys are in town, and they're poised to dominate the basketball scene for a very, very, long time.