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Video Of A Student At His Graduation Ceremony Holding Up A 'Fire Doc Rivers' Message On His Phone Goes Viral

Video Of A Student At His Graduation Ceremony Holding Up A 'Fire Doc Rivers' Message On His Phone Goes Viral

The Philadelphia 76ers had a disappointing end to a season that showed a lot of promise after they swung a trade for James Harden at the deadline. They lost in the second round to the Miami Heat, with Joel Embiid's injury issues slowing him down a fair bit and Harden being unable to step up before completely collapsing in the elimination game

Both those things have deflected some of the criticism that Doc Rivers has been getting throughout the season, and Daryl Morey confirmed later that Rivers would return to Philly as Head Coach next season. But not all the fans are very thrilled with that news, including one that made his feelings known in a pretty spectacular fashion. 

A University of Pennsylvania student during his graduation ceremony, which was recorded, held up his phone with the words 'Fire Doc Rivers' pointed directly towards the camera to help establish his point. 

Rivers' tenure as Philadelphia Head Coach has been a less than stellar one. The entire Ben Simmons saga, including his alienation, happened under Doc's watch. If anything, an argument could be made that Rivers himself contributed to Simmons eventually deciding to leave and sitting out the entire season. 

The ensuing saga and the turmoil all season almost overshadowed Embiid's greatness and even though he was able to carry his team into the playoffs, they rarely ever looked like they were going to seriously contend for a title. Doc himself got a lot of heat for decisions like continuing to play DeAndre Jordan. 

Sixers fans are known for being quite passionate, so it's no surprise to see one of them pull a stunt like this, but it doesn't look like the fans that want to move on from Doc will get their wish just yet. If Harden can be brought back to even half of what he used to be, they might still have what it takes to win the championship next season.