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Video: Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons Hits 8 Straight Threes

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ben Simmons is well known for a lot of reasons, but being a consistent 3-point shooter isn’t one of them. The point guard is seen as one of the biggest faces for the future, but he needs to improve some facets of his game before being considered a true superstar.

As a matter of fact, his struggles with 3-pointers are arguably his biggest flaws, but the Australian player has started doing different things this season. For instance, Simmons made his first triple last November, earning every type of reaction from NBA fans.

After that, he hit a second triple, but everything ended there. Simmons has made only two triples in his NBA career and they both were this season. He is shooting 33.3% from deep this year, and 8.7% in his career.

It is interesting, though, to see how he manages to become a sharpshooter in practices. For instance, there is one video that shows the Aussie hitting 8 straight threes.

Curiously, this doesn’t happen in actual games, and that’s why fans criticize Simmons. Still, it’s not the same to make those shots in a controlled environment than in a game with a defender trying to get you and fans cheering or booing you.

In the case that Simmons can shoot consistently from beyond the arc, he’ll surely become one of the biggest threats in the NBA.