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VIDEO: Poor Kid Regrets Trash Talking LeBron James' Son

Credit: Ball Is Life

Credit: Ball Is Life

Bronny James Jr was playing at the First Day of USBA Nationals for the North Coast blue chips. Like his Dad, he will pretty much be the best player on the court at all times. However, they can't stop his talent on the court. Instead, players will try to mess with the James’ gang heads.

During the game, a kid from the Alabama Hoopers starts talking trash to him. Like his father, Bronny just laughed in his face and let his game do the talking. Similar to LeBron James when he played with the Miami Heat and was being irritated by Lance Stephenson of the India Pacers in 2014.

Bronny was struggling in the first half with questionable calls that led him to 4 fouls. The kid would’ve used this as trash talk but didn’t escalate well. Bronny came back in the 2nd half and secured the bag. The kid from the Hoopers does regret talking trash to him, as he only gave Bronny more motivation to take out the win

Bronny Jr. is only 13 years old and is already showing flashes of playing like his Dad. Working with LeBron in the offseasons, Bronny is already dominating his leagues. Imagine him when is a declared for the NBA draft, he will be on every team's radar as he could become just as good as LeBron or even better.