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Video: Royce O'Neale Hilariously Leaves His Mother On The Floor With A Spin Move

Video: Royce O'Neale Hilariously Leaves His Mother On The Floor With A Spin Move

As the offseason rolls on, NBA players are taking the time to hold their basketball camps to teach the next generation of hoopers about the game. It’s an invaluable experience for the kids, and many of the current NBA players talk about how helpful it was for them to attend these camps when they were younger.

Stephen Curry is hosting one right now, where he shared some valuable shooting advice with the kids in attendance, and Royce O'Neale's camp is underway too. Also at his camp was his mother, who had just celebrated her birthday a couple of days back, and while he shared a heartfelt post on Instagram for the same, he showed no mercy to her on the court as he hilariously dropped her to the floor with a spin move.

His poor mother had no chance there, and Royce also savagely put the ball in the hoop before checking in on her! He also posted it from multiple angles to just rub it in and stated nobody is safe at his camp. It unsurprisingly drew a hilarious reaction on social media, and his former teammate Donovan Mitchell joked that he'd beat Royce with a belt for doing that.


The two were together on the Jazz from 2017 to this offseason, when O'Neale was traded to the Brooklyn Nets for a first-round pick. With all the drama surrounding his new team, it seems he is just having some fun, and this was a hilarious moment between mother and son.

Despite the acquisition of the likes of O'Neale and T.J. Warren, ESPN tagged the Nets with a D+ grade for the offseason due to the way they have handled the whole Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving situation. While it remains to be seen what happens with those two, the Nets do seem to have landed someone with a sick spin move, at least!