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Video: Serge Ibaka Displays His Unique Skincare Routine

Video: Serge Ibaka Displays His Unique Skincare Routine

Serge Ibaka is a mountain of a man who stands at 6'10 and in his prime, he was one of the premier defensive big men in the NBA over the last decade. Ibaka was a member of the All-Defense First Team on 3 occasions in the 2010s and led the league in blocks twice as well.

Despite that imposing presence on the court, Ibaka is hardly the brute off the court that some might think of him as being. In fact, he is a man of many talents and has his own cooking show called "How Hungry Are You?" which features some big names as guests, and his former teammate Kawhi Leonard had also shown up at one point. Ibaka is also someone who takes great care of his appearance, and he recently shared another segment of his unique skincare routine.

Well if you want to have smooth skin like Mr. Ibaka over there, then you know what 5-step approach you need to follow now! Toilet paper face mask sure is an interesting approach from the Congolese forward and he has also had avocado face masks in his previous skincare videos. It might seem bizarre to most but we doubt Serge is pulling some elaborate prank on his social media followers here.

We can probably expect more of these pearls of skincare wisdom from Ibaka as the season is still some ways away from starting, but once it does, he and the Bucks will focus on bouncing back from their second-round exit this past postseason. Ibaka's mid-season addition was seen as a very good move by the team, but once Khris Middleton went down with an injury in the first round against the Bulls, it was always going to be a bit difficult. The Celtics were a bit too much to handle but it might well be a different story if these teams meet in the playoffs next season.