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Video Shows Anthony Davis Yelling 'Kobe' After Making Game-Winning Shot Vs. Nuggets

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Anthony Davis gave a perfect closure for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. With the Denver Nuggets leading by one point, 103-102, AD hit a 3-pointer to beat the buzz and give the Lakers a huge victory and a 2-0 lead after a hard-fought game.

The Lakers fought and fought to get the W and even when the Nuggets took the lead of the match, they were confident that they could get the job done. Well, AD showed up and hit a 3-pointer over Nikola Jokic to give his team a W and boost in their confidence, if they needed it. Davis found inspiration in another Lakers star when he made that shot and now videos show him yelling 'Kobe' after making that game-winner.

This is something that plenty of people around the world do; even when you throw a little piece of paper to the trash can, all you say is 'Kobe'. Well, this time Davis did it in a Game 2 of a Finals Conference, against one of the best big men in the league while the clock was running out.

He knows he made a big play there and he reflected on that after the game, stating that was the 'biggest shot' of his career.

“It’s for sure the biggest shot of my career. When I left (New Orleans) I just wanted to compete for a championship. I know moments like this come with it. Especially being in LA, the biggest market in basketball," he said, via Ben Golliver of the Washington Post.

Kobe has been very present for the Lakers this postseason. They are on a mission, trying to bring a title for the city of Los Angeles inspired by Kobe, who passed away last January 26 in a helicopter crash. They have used the 'Black Mamba edition' jerseys and so far, they've gone undefeated in three games.

"We never want to lose in these jerseys," AD said about wearing those black jerseys to remember Kobe.

This team is inspired and if the Nuggets couldn't win Game 2 after Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic carried them to lead in the last seconds, we're not sure if they'll be able to overcome this situation and win this series.