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Video: Stephen Curry Does "Night Night" Celebration After Shooting Clinic At Golf Tournament

Video: Stephen Curry Does "Night Night" Celebration After Shooting Clinic At Golf Tournament

Stephen Curry has been having a great time this offseason, playing in the American Century Championship golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe and making headlines with everything that he does. He was celebrating like on the basketball court after the long drive contest a couple of days ago. Now, he is bringing his sport to the manicured lawns of golf.

While Steph was on the green, there was a basketball hoop set up and Curry was given a ball. Naturally, the shooter decided to put on a show for the crowd and popped the ball straight through the net. The crowd cheered and Steph enjoyed it as well, hitting his classic celebration after the ball went in.

Curry said 'night night' and did the infamous celebration that basketball fans got extremely used to seeing during the 2022 NBA Playoffs. That may have brought back some bad memories for fans of the Nuggets, Grizzlies, Mavericks, and Celtics, but brought a lot of cheer to Lake Tahoe.

Curry loved golfing but he loves putting on a show even more than that. he is naturally charismatic and this entire weekend, Curry has been entertaining everyone in attendance at the tournament to anyone that has seen the clips online. 

Curry is going to come back to a very different Warriors team after this offseason because of all the major departures on the team. Most of the depth the roster had in Nemanja Bjelica, Tuan Toscano-Anderson, Otto Porter Jr., and Gary Payton II have all already left the team. They did re-sign Kevon Looney and brought in Donte DiVincenzo to mitigate the damage.

Basketball isn't on Curry's list of worries right now. If the Warriors don't replace some of their roster pieces, it may become a growing concern as the summer wears on. The 2023 Championship retention campaign for the front office has already begun, but at least Steph gets a few more months away from this before he has to deal with the roster that's been constructed around him.