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Video: Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Pascal Siakam, And Michael Porter Jr. Spotted At Rico Hinest Runs At UCLA

Video: Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Pascal Siakam, And Michael Porter Jr. Spotted At Rico Hinest Runs At UCLA

The NBA offseason is getting into the period where we hear from players mostly when they're training at basketball camps or with specialized trainers. The early half of the offseason is usually when players take their vacations and trips but we're already halfway through August and nearing the start of training camp in September.

Training camps are crucial for players as they get to work personally with some of the best coaches in the league. The issue is that all the people you compete against are also coming to those coaches to improve their game. As a result, many of the top NBA players end up in the same basketball camps and often end up scrimmaging against each other.

The camp led by Toronto Raptors player development coach Rico Hines is one of the most popular active camps and has been littered with NBA stars. Players like Patrick Beverley, Scottie Barnes, Jayson Tatum, James Harden, Cameron Johnson, and many others have already been seen here. A clip from the camp is going viral where Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Pascal Siakam, and Michael Porter Jr. are getting some competitive runs in with each other.

Summer workouts are crucial for every player and Coach Hines is widely trusted around the league even though he is currently on the Raptors coaching staff. His runs can get very extreme as the clip shows the effort with which the players were playing. 

It was good to see Michael Porter Jr. involved in basketball activity again after his injury-riddled seasons have slowed the progression for the Denver Nuggets down. Siakam has been an active face in the Hines camp while these are some of the few training clips we have seen from Curry and Young so far this offseason. 

Young has been seen at pro-am games before, but this camp is the first glimpse that fans have gotten into the work he is putting in this offseason. It's going to be fun when the season starts and all these players are competing against each other on an NBA court.