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Video: Utah Jazz Dancer Was Proposed To During Dance Routine

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utah jazz dancer

There are a lot of times in the world where people propose to their significant others using a grand gesture of some sort. Some people enjoy getting proposed to in such a manner, and it seems as though one of those times has happened at the Utah Jazz-Charlotte Hornets game.

One of the Utah Jazz dancers was recently proposed to in the middle of her dance routine. It was obvious from the video of the event that she didn't realize that the routine was set up for her boyfriend to propose to her, and for a while, she was certainly confused about what was going on. However, it seems as though everything turned out well, and the way that her boyfriend proposed was clearly appreciated. The song choice was also appropriate, as it was "Marry You" by Bruno Mars.

It is wonderful to see people confirm their love for one another and to see the proposal while it was happening. It was also clearly a great gesture from the other dancers to keep this routine secret and set up this sweet marriage proposal that the couple will remember forever going forward. This was certainly a special moment for everyone involved, and hopefully, this is the start of a "happily ever after" for the duo. 

It is quite nice to see something nice like this happen in a year that has been tough for many people worldwide. But this shows us that there are still delightful things that happen in this universe. Hopefully, everyone is able to find their moment of happiness in the future, and keep pushing forward despite all the struggles.

The Utah Jazz ended up winning against the Charlotte Hornets during this game, and it must have been amazing for the home crowd to see this proposal as well as a win on the same night. They were projected as the No. 1 seed by some analysts going into the season, and while they're not there yet, they certainly look like a dangerous team. With the way they have been playing, it looks like there are more wins on the horizon for the team.