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Video: Watch Bronny James Drops 15 Points In His Sierra Canyon Debut

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

As one of the greatest players in the game, LeBron James has become a world-wide sports idol, arguably one of the most famous ever.

It's only natural that his son, Bronny, inherit that same spotlight. The kid is 14-years-old, but the world is already watching for signs of stardom. In fact, during one game by Sierra High School on Sunday night, Broony put on a bit of a show for the audience, dropping 15 points in his debut.

It's hard to determine how Bronny's game and body will develop over the next few years. But from what we can see from the clip, his game seems to mirror that of his father's: well-rounded and team-oriented.

No doubt, thanks to the genes and the training, James Jr. will be set for life. Apparently, the kid has already received several scholarship offers from schools around the nation. In Sierra Canyon High, he will continue to grow and learn how to best use his natural abilities.

It will be interestint to see how (and if) his game translates to the next level.