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Video: Wild Finish At Baby Race During Pelicans-Lakers Game

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baby race

When there are breaks in play, NBA games often have some kind of event or attraction to keep the fans entertained. Those attractions can take on many forms. Sometimes, things can end up being quite funny for the audience.

Last night during the Pelicans-Lakers game, one of the events during a game break was a baby race. The race obviously featured a lot of babies who were trying to crawl across a finish line. There was a recent video of the finish to the said baby race, which featured a massive comeback.

The comeback from baby No. 1 wasn't the only comeback of the night though. The New Orleans Pelicans managed to come back against the Los Angeles Lakers, who at one point held a 23-point lead. This was a massive win for the Pelicans, with clear implications on the play-in tournament race that is transpiring over these last few weeks. 

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this was a disappointing loss. There are still some people who believe that the Los Angeles Lakers could make an end-of-season winning run. However, after the team's loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, coach Frank Vogel pointed out that "time's running out" for the team.

"It's not good. It hurts, this game hurts. It's a big game. But we have to regroup and find a way to beat Dallas and get some wins down the stretch here. Time's running out on us and we came out with the proper urgency for this game but weren't able to close it."

There are still some games left to play in the regular season so the play-in tournament picture could look different by the end of it. However, the Lakers' remaining schedule is difficult, and they could potentially miss the play-in tournament entirely.

We will see how things unfold in the coming weeks. This year's postseason should be exciting to watch, with plenty of potential interesting matchups both in the play-in tournament and in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see where both the Pelicans and the Lakers end up, and it is possible that we'll see a rematch between the two teams in the play-in tournament.