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Vince Carter On LeBron James And Other Stars Criticizing The All-Star Game: "I Would Feel Just Like He Feels... All These Guys Feel The Same. They Don't Feel Safe. Clearly, That's What It Is."

Lakers LeBron James

There have been many players who have recently have come out to criticize the potential All-Star game in Atlanta. Prominent superstars like Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James have come out against the All-Star game. There are plenty of concerns to be had, such as the raging COVID-19 pandemic, and the short turnaround after last season. The players have a right to question the decision-making process that went behind the decision to press forward with the All-Star game, and hopefully, the league will assuage any concerns.

One person who has joined the emerging chorus of people who have come out against the All-Star game is a former All-Star, Vince Carter. Carter saw the players' concerns and understood where they were coming from.

I would feel just like he feels... You get these guys to buy into coming back. You're promising them they have five days off, no All-Star game... Particularly Lakers and the Heat, hey this is the chance where they can kinda relax and play catchup to everyone else who had some time off. And now all of a sudden you're saying there's an All-Star game. And I'm here in Atlanta, and it's open.

I understand the concern... All the All-Stars, all the best players from the best teams coming into Atlanta? I don't know... You're hearing other guys... De'Aaron Fox saying what he had to say. All these guys feel the same. They don't feel safe.

It makes sense that the players would feel afraid for the safety. Gathering a lot of players from a lot of different places all in one spot during the pandemic could be very dangerous. At the end of the day, it is up to the league to fix this situation with the All-Star game, as the players are having valid concerns about their health and safety in Atlanta. The players who played late into the bubble also need some rest. It's a messy situation all around, and hopefully, there is a resolution to the concerns posed by multiple superstars in the league.