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Vince Carter Says If LeBron James Plays In 10 NBA Finals, He Will Be Better Than Kobe



At 42-years-old, with 21-years of NBA experience, Vince Carter has seen more than most basketball players can even dream of.

So, in regards to the GOAT debate, there are few more qualified to speak than Mr. Carter. In a chat with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on "All The Smoke" podcast, he revealed three greatest players ever: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

But, perhaps even more interestingly, he explained why James hasn't yet surpassed Kobe on his list.

(via HoopsHype)

Barnes: “Does LeBron have the opportunity in your mind to possibly jump Kobe?”

Carter: “He has an opportunity based on what he gets done. If he gets to the Finals again… You’re just gonna give him more credit. Now, ten times in the Finals?! That’s insane if he can get to the Finals double-digit. Wait until it’s all said and done, then it’s fair to have a real debate. Let’s see what LeBron does and then we’ll go from there.”

With a 3-5 record in the Finals, James is already pretty close to a double-digit count. In his career, Bryant has only ever made the Finals seven times, but (of course) has a much better record at 5-2 overall.

On the flip side, Kobe has more Championships, more scoring titles, and more All-Star appearances.

Vince is clearly on Bryant's side (for now) but there are many who side with James. It's likely something the masses will never agree on.