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Vince Carter Says The Brooklyn Nets Are The Favorite For The 2021 NBA Championship

Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

Vince Carter has made the case for the Brooklyn Nets to win it all this season. The New Yorkers have made some good movements during the season, which placed them at the top of contenders. The Big 3 of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden is a threat to anybody in the league and that's the ace they have to make a run at the championship.

VC knows that very well and even though he admitted he'd like to see the Lakers fully healthy, tipped the Nets as the favorites to win the Larry O'Brien trophy this campaign. He has a history with this team and that could explain some things, but it's not like he's making a bold claim.

Via Forbes:

“Right now, they’re the team to beat,” Carter said. “I’m still going to give it to the Nets right now just because of all the talent they have,” Carter said. “They have stars, they have MVPs, they have Kevin Durant, they have James Harden, they have Kyrie Irving.”

“Right now the Lakers are the defending champ and I want to see the Lakers healthy and how they jell when they get back together,” Vince Carter furthered. “And we can say the same for the Nets as well, but they just have a lot of weapons, but if the Lakers aren’t healthy, that’s a tough team to beat.”

You should never let the defending champions out and that's what Vince did. He knows as long as the Lakers have LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they will have a chance to compete against anybody. Right now the Nets rank 2nd in the East with a 38-18 record while the Lakers are 34-22, enough to be 5th in the Western Conference.

These teams could clash in the Finals this season, which could be one of the most anticipated Finals in recent years. The competition for both of them is incredibly hard but they have the tools to make it to the big series and see if they can win the championship.