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Vlade Divac's Sunday Schedule Was Hilarious: "E-Mails Brother In Army, Phones Parents, Goes To Bed"


The 90s were an incredible era for the NBA, as the league reached new heights thanks to Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls. The legendary team did a lot for the game, taking the association to new levels after dominating the decade, winning six titles in eight years. 

During these years, the NBA learned how to use new technologies and find the right use for them. That's how we got the crazy scouting reports of draft prospects like Kobe Bryant not liking teammates and having trouble passing the ball, Allen Iverson struggling with practice and even Steve Nash being a 'white dude' being labeled as a weakness. 

Just like that, the league also found ways to let fans know more details about their favorite players. Vlade Divac was one of them, as the league once broke down Divac's Sunday schedule after he finished practice during his time with the Sacramento Kings. The European big man had a very busy schedule once his practice session was done, with some activities regarding his family. 

6 pm: Dinner

7:00 pm: 3-Hrs Game Study (Alone)

10:00 pm: TV News

12:30 am: E-Mails Brother in Army

2:30 am: Phones Parents

4:00 am: Goes To Bed

4:50 am: Drifts Off To Sleep

7:30 am: Monday Breakfast

It seems like he had very little time to sleep, but we're sure Vlade had time to get some sleep during the day. He landed in Sacramento in 1999 after spending two seasons in Charlotte and one with Red Star. 

He was part of that Kings team that threatened the Los Angeles Lakers' chance to get a three-peat at the beginning of the millennium. Things didn't go in their favor, unfortunately, and the Kings haven't found the same success they had when Divac was part of the team. When he was active, things were a lot simpler, even with the lack of sleep.