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Warriors Coach Mike Brown Believes Andrew Wiggins Deserves To Be An All-Star: "The Single Most Steady Player That We've Had The Last Couple Of Years."

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Andrew Wiggins has been one of the most polarizing players in the league ever since he was drafted, especially now. He has gotten some All-Star consideration, and that has definitely been controversial.

Some people believe Andrew Wiggins is simply an overpaid role player. Others believe that he is a steady two-way presence that deserves to be in the All-Star game.

Warriors coach Mike Brown has recently explained why he believes Andrew Wiggins deserves to be in All-Star talks. He claimed that Wiggins is a "steady presence" and that the Warriors "haven't missed a beat" without Klay Thompson due to Wiggins' presence.

We're with him on daily basis, we know what type of work he's put in... we also know the importance he's brought to the table. Especially during the time that Klay's been out. With Klay being out, we really haven't missed a beat because of him on both ends of the floor.

Klay was our two-way guy... That's what Wiggins has done for us... If you look at his numbers, and look at where we're sitting record-wise, and you look at the games that he's missed. He's probably been the single-most steady player that we've had the last couple of years. With us having the 2nd best record in the league, we in my opinion deserve more than two All-Stars. Draymond, Steph obviously... We definitely deserve a third All-Star.

There is no doubt that Andrew Wiggins has been a consistent performer for the Golden State Warriors. While fans/analysts often value offensive prowess, being a two-way player who can score but also guard the opposing best player is definitely important. 

It remains to be seen if Andrew Wiggins does end up making the All-Star game. He has definitely been a winning contributor. While All-Star games should generally be about individual greatness rather than just being on a good team, it is quite possible that he'll get in due to the Warriors record.