Warriors Executive On Trading Andrew Wiggins: "Am I Going To Tell Him That He Will Never Get Traded At Any Point? No."

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Warriors Executive On Trading Andrew Wiggins- "Am I Going To Tell Him That He Will Never Get Traded At Any Point? No."

After missing out on the playoffs for the second year in a row, the Golden State Warriors are entering the 2021 offseason with one goal: returning to title contention.

And while there are a number of different avenues to take, Andrew Wiggins is a name that has surfaced more than most.

The Warriors have yet to confirm whether or not Wiggins is available, but one team executive did provide an interesting response to the issue in a recent chat with the media.

(via NBC Sports)

“It is so easy to trade people 50 times on paper,” said Warriors exec Kirk Lacob. "Look, we are always honest with guys too. I have talked to Andrew’s agent many, many times over the last year, and he will call and say ‘hey, you know I’m hearing this’ and I’m always [to Andrew] like ‘look, you should feel very comfortable here, you are very well-liked. Am I going to tell you that you will never get traded at any point? No, I would never tell anybody that.

We tell everyone that,” he continued. “We never want to lie to someone. Now that doesn’t mean that is what they want to hear, but we don’t want to lie to a player or agent because that looks bad if something does happen, even if it is a remote chance.”

The Warriors have become quite a high-profile franchise over the last few years, and players have been lining up in droves to join.

Amid it all, though, the Warriors seem intent on staying genuine with their guys.

In the case of Andrew Wiggins, nobody knows for sure where he will be playing next season. But if even the Warriors themselves avoid making promises, it really leaves everything up in the air.