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Warriors Fans Don't Like The Trade Idea Of Kevin Durant For Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, And Other Assets

Warriors Fans Don't Like The Trade Idea Of Kevin Durant For Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, And Other Assets

When Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors in 2019 and headed to the Brooklyn Nets, it seemed like he might have jumped ship at the right time. The Warriors would be ravaged by injuries for the next two seasons, which led to them missing the playoffs, and the dynasty seemed to have ended once and for all. All that changed this season, however.

The Warriors flipped the script and went from missing the playoffs to going all the way and ended up winning the title in one of the more remarkable turnarounds in NBA history. Stephen Curry led the way as he won his first Finals MVP and he was backed up by a supporting cast led by Andrew Wiggins. With Durant potentially requesting for a trade if Kyrie Irving doesn't resign with the Nets, an NBA fan on Reddit, u/pilord, put forth the idea of a reunion, with the likes of Wiggins heading the other way.


While it seems on paper like an interesting proposition, fans were quick to reject the idea as they wanted the Warriors to keep this core together after winning a championship.

"I think that whole organization is over KD at this point. No ill will towards him or anything. I think they really like this whole group as it is and will focus on developing and integrating their young talent into the system, not KD again. I honestly think Steph would not sign off on a KD reunion even if it was a decent deal for GS."

"They just won a championship, why would they sell off their future to go back to having a top heavy team that would need everybody healthy to be able to win

Especially with KD and Klay both being post major injuries and how old everybody is.

That kind of trade is the sort of thing a team who is desperate for a shot at a championship makes. The Warriors are not desperate."

"They should trade for him and then just immediately trade him the next day for kicks and giggles"

"Wiggins + 2 jelly beans and a floppy disc is current assets need for KD"

"they win a title and mfs are still trying to blow them up"

"Curry is on his 4th ring and people still don't think he's good enough to win alone lol."

"there are a lot of possible trades that make no sense, this is one of them. The Warriors aren't one of those teams that make the WTF trades"

"No because GSW have the chance to repeat without sacrificing their future for a mentally weak 34 yr old injury prone player who spends his time on twitter liking tweets trashing the player who showed him how to win"

"They just won a title in dominant fashion. No"

"I think Mr. Kevin should go to Orlando for some fun in the sun"

"I don't think it makes sense for the Warriors or KD.

Why would Durant want to go back and admit he needs Curry and Draymond to win?

Poole is the future, when he enters his prime, he can take over Curry's role. Both him and Wiggins are going to play better next year with all of the experience and confidence they gained.

It doesn't make sense for the Warriors to go backwards. They recovered from KD leaving them. It will be like leaving your wife for the ex that dumped you."

"why? to give him a free ring?"

"No bruh we already had a KD stint lol."

"KD wouldn’t be happy here"

"Even if Warriors wanted to, there's definitely a team willing to give more than that for KD."

As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. This group has proven that they can win it all and the Warriors have set themselves up in the perfect position, with a great mix of veterans and youngsters on the team. Blowing it all up and sacrificing their depth doesn't make a whole lot of sense, even if it means Durant ends up on the team.

Golden State isn't a franchise that's short-sighted and, as one fan pointed out, they're not that desperate to throw away their future to win a title. As for KD, we first wait to see what happens with Irving in the coming days. While the Warriors wouldn't be all that interested in trading for him, you'd better believe the rest of the league wouldn't share that sentiment.